Understanding what, or who is the Team Barometer

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Each team is unique.

Teams, big or small, are not one dimensional.

When we bring together two or more people, we are looking for more than engagement. In my experience, we are also looking deeper at the structure, roles, responsibilities and development of people and teams.

Importantly, we look at understanding staff needs, how the organisation meets those needs and alignment of staff to organisational purpose and mission. Collectively, define this as the ‘culture of the organisation’.

The team barometer is an increasingly influential tool in helping create greater understanding of team’s dynamics, strengths and growth.

Increase your understanding of your team’s barometer; consider the following:

  1. How your organisation and team is structured
  2. The stage of group/team development
  3. The expectations of the team (as a whole) and individual members of the team
  4. Changes in culture and attitude of the team and/or individual members
  5. Cliques and sub-teams within the team

Think about what you are doing to nurture and support the positive aspects of the team and individuals.

Equally, explore, understand and address areas where things/ people aren’t as positive.

Key structures of your Team Barometer should include:

  1. Trust (check out the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer here)
  2. Agility and adaptability (check out some Tools and Checklists for agile self-assessments here)
  3. Communication and feedback – honesty, openness and willing engagement
  4. Type and quality of relationships
  5. The work environment
  6. Leadership qualities and type

Once you have a handle on understanding your team:

  1. Address team dynamics and processes
  2. Follow-up with your team
  3. Empower the team to self-assess
  4. Facilitate action

Stimulate reflection and understanding at different levels in your organisation and teams.

What barometers or parameters must you analyse to determine where your team is at?

Your Team Barometer, used individually or jointly provides you with ongoing team insight, trends and benchmarking.

The participatory component of a Team Barometer means that your people are involved in both data collection and analysis, further empowering your staff.

Bill Miliotis

Organisational Architect and Change Leader.

Working across multiple sectors, Bill facilitates the creation and implementation of lasting development, growth and outcomes.

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