What surviving an ALIEN invasion teaches us about thriving after an organisational restructure

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The ALIENS ARE ATTACKING!!!!, what do we do?

Blockbuster (and not so blockbuster) movies provide many options; think Men in Black, Pacific Rim, Independence Day, Armageddon, and so on. They all provide scenarios and options, but destroying Earth is an underling reason for invasion.

Other movies (The Day the Earth Stood Still, Contact, Arrival) portray alien visitation as an opportunity for humans to learn and to ultimately save our Earth.

Why are they here? 

We may not know why the aliens have arrived in the first place but when they do, we essentially have four options:

  • We fight 
  • We run or hide 
  • We engage 
  • We do nothing

Strategy reigns supreme.

We individually, and collectively will implement any, or all the above approaches. Irrespective of which we chose, they all have advantages, disadvantages and risk, and all require thought about why we chose that approach.

“The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us”.

Maybe, just maybe we would unite and stand a good chance.

Parallels with organisational restructures

Science fiction aside: mergers, acquisitions, take-overs, down-sizing, improving productive and efficiency or growth – all have one thing in common: they require organisations to restructure.

Why are they here? What is the purpose of the restructure?
What are they capable of? What are we capable of?
What does this mean for human civilisation? What does this mean for me?
What resources do they have? What resources do we have?
How can we communicate with them? What questions can we ask and of whom?

A successful restructure should drive your organisation forward. Importantly, the restructure should result in your organisation having the best staff moving forward, and any departing staff should be treated fairly and with dignity during the restructure.

Employees, across every level, wonder where they will fit into this new structure. We all want to work in a place where we are comfortable, where we can grow, where we feel valued, and where we can make a positive contribution.

By following a few tips, you can ease the pain and get to the other side much faster with less damage.

  1. Every level of the organisation (board, executive, leaders and staff) have a role to play post a restructure. All staff have obligations post the restructure.
  2. Acknowledge and address survivor guilt.
  3. Staff need to maintain a healthy work environment, culture and connection with the organisation.
  4. Leaders and executive need to be skills to appropriately manage and communicate these changes to employees.
  5. Employees are your greatest asset, keep them informed.
  6. Give your employees time to process the ‘new’ before they get fully on board.
  7. Share the successes and positives, however small. Good news travels fast and motives.
  8. Creating genuine opportunities for growth and development provides the catalyst for increasing motivation and engagement.

Cautionary note: be careful – do not expect the remaining employees to work additional hours.

You’ve invested considerable resources in implementing the restructure, invest just as much in supporting staff build their resilience and maintain their well-being after the restructure.

“Researchers found no clear differences in the impact on well-being between restructuring with and without cutting staff numbers.

The characteristics of the restructuring process, such as fairness of procedures, communication and change management in general have been found to have an impact on worker well-being.”

Make the restructuring a win for everyone.

Bill Miliotis

Organisational Architect and Change Leader.

Working across multiple sectors, Bill facilitates the creation and implementation of lasting development, growth and outcomes.

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