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“Bill provided the Office with a comprehensive report as well as an analysis of systemic issues, demonstrating Bill’s ability to consultant widely with impacted stakeholders, distil qualitative and quantitative information and develop recommendations.”

Office of the Chief Psychiatrist


“Bill and RYV have been a great source of advice and support over the years – I can always rely on some honest feedback.”

David Pearson

Executive DirectorDon Dunstan Foundation


“Bill’s knowledge, personal skills, honesty and humour allowed him to engage quickly with our team and helped us reflect on our values and mission, and to gain a clear understanding of the benefits our organisation derives by living and fulfilling its values.”

Evelyn O’Loughlin

“Bill Miliotis was engaged by the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist to undertake a review of Mental Health Community Rehabilitation Centres (CRCs) in South Australia.  Bill was selected as the consultant for the Review for his experience and insights in establishing and managing CRC services in South Australia.  Bill applied his experience and knowledge of CRCs to the contemporary environment and explored reasons as to why CRCs were not operating to their maximum potential. 

Bill provided the Office with a comprehensive report on both local issues relevant to each CRC as well as an analysis of systemic issues of how CRCs could better integrate with other services in the mental health “system”.  Bill undertook his analysis with the welfare of the consumer being factored into any service reform.  

The report demonstrated Bill’s ability to consultant widely with impacted stakeholders and to distil qualitative and quantitative information to develop recommendations that if implemented will genuinely improve service provision for the consumer”.   

Office of the Chief Psychiatrist
SA Health – Office of The Chief Psychiatrist

“Bill generously developed and facilitated a “Values and Value” session as part of our 2019 workforce development days. Bill’s knowledge, personal skills, honesty and humour allowed him to engage quickly with our team and helped us reflect on our values and mission, and to gain a clear understanding of the benefits our organisation derives by living and fulfilling its values. I have no hesitation in recommending Bill.”  

Evelyn O’Loughlin
CEO, Volunteering SA&NT

“He was responsive, going above and beyond as he understood the time lines, offering great advice and respectfully stretching my thinking and ideas. Working with me to set priorities and share the load. He will be top of my list for any future endeavours where I need extra strategic capacity.”  

Monique Williamson

“We asked Bill to help us to articulate some big picture visioning, grounded in evidence, on a tight timeframe and saleable to stakeholders and funders. 12 months on, the paper Bill produced remains central to our agenda for a few years yet.”  

Geoff Harris
Executive Director, Mental Health Coalition of South Australia

“We recently engaged Bill to help us prepare and submit a new concept in a tender application at very short notice and with limited support. Bill’s experience and capacity were on display as he clearly conceptualised and articulated the idea into the tender framework and completed the application within the time frame.

Bill demonstrated his ability to be adaptable and flexible, to quickly problem solve and create, to forecast program and staffing requirements, and to build on and ‘reality check’ the concept as it was being developed.

In short, Bill’s number is on speed dial for the next time we have a difficult concept to articulate and propose for funding.”  

Paul Creedon
CEO, Skylight

“Bill from Realise Your Vision delivered a six-hour workshop on the NDIS to our network in June 2018, and from the get-go it was clear that he had done his research on the audience he was delivering to, and had done a vast amount of preparation with informative and relevant handouts.

He had a wealth of information stored in his memory bank, and went the extra mile to ensure individual questions were answered with follow-up materials the next day. He kept the workshop engaging by delivering in a casual question-answer format with appropriate visuals, but somehow managed to keep to a perfect schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend Bill.”  

Tania Alland
Executive Officer, General Practice SA

“We contacted Bill to assist us with some urgent preparation of corporate policies required for NDIS readiness. With his background in mental health and NDIS, Bill understood what was required, and provided the required documentation quickly and of a good standard. His understanding of the NDIS requirements of service providers, and of the requirements and complexities of NDIS in the mental health field is of significant benefit. Would definitely recommend.”  

Anne Nixon
Director Organisational Services, Catherine House Inc.

Commitment to Excellence

With Realise Your Vision Consulting.

Business Consultant Adelaide

Creating systems and processes that achieve ‘better outcomes for the people we are here to serve’ is the driving force behind Bill and RYV.

With more than twenty-five years’ senior executive experience across the social, health and welfare sections, his ability to nurture and develop leaders and high performing teams has seen him successfully reform service delivery, implement new service models and create systems.

Realise Your Vision (RYV) is a mission-driven coaching and consultancy in Adelaide, facilitating the creation and implementation of lasting growth and change.

With a passion for creating environments where organisations, services and people can empower themsleves to realise their vision, I operate as an organisational architect and change leader. I ensure quality service delivery and outcomes by placing particular emphasis on re-engineering processes and identifying and strengthening your vision, goals and objectives.

Working across multiple sectors, I am driven by person centred, flexible and individually tailored services. Realise Your Vision Consulting is committed to quality, improvement and growth.

Through individually tailored consultation, innovative leadership, and support for growth, together we can foster leaders and innovators, generate results that deliver positive outcomes and ensure your organisation functions cohesively to Realise Your Vision.

Achieve the outcomes you seek through Realise Your Vision Consulting.

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