SUBMISSION: The provision of services for people with mental illness under the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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Mental health service providers face many significant challenges in providing services through the NDIS. This coupled with the challenges of transitioning to the NDIS is impacting access to quality services. People with a mental illness are still falling through the cracks.

Solutions to addressing these cracks involve developing the right systems architecture which includes the NDIS, PHNs, LHNs, GPs and NGOs.

It is critical we all take up the opportunity to share experiences, learning and ideas. We have the perfect storm for health, social and welfare systems with the NDIS, PHNs and state and national reforms. Let’s not lose this opportunity.

Bill Miliotis

Organisational Architect and Change Leader.

Working across multiple sectors, Bill facilitates the creation and implementation of lasting development, growth and outcomes.

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