Embedding Innovation into Business as Usual

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10 steps to embed Innovation into your BAU

Innovation has never been more business critical than right now. Businesses must quickly change and adapt.

Innovation is about action, and when embedded as an organisation-wide mindset, innovation becomes repeatable and sustainable.

Getting started is often the hardest part.

? 10 steps to embed Innovation into your BAU
1. Understand your vision
2. Protect the innovation space – make time for innovation
3. Be receptive to new ideas and reward ideas
4. Be open to the idea that mistakes are necessary
5. Support from the top
6. Fast-track approval
7. Invest in resources
8. Engage staff in the decision-making process
9. Persist, measure, review and adapt
10. Communicate

Bill Miliotis

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Working across multiple sectors, Bill facilitates the creation and implementation of lasting development, growth and outcomes.

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