When it comes to change – there are no shortcuts

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Recently I heard an engineer say (and I am paraphrasing) sometimes the simplest solution is to implement a complex solution. Is this true for implementing change?

70% of change initiatives fail, whether you agree or disagree, what we do know, from reviews of change initiatives that do not meet their intended outcome is,

1. There are many variables (internal and external) impacting change initiatives.
2. Change initiatives are different to project management initiatives.
3. Change takes time.
4. Change is a discovery process.

  1. Mark Hughes (2011) found that there is no empirical evidence to support this 70% statistic.

I am presently mentoring an emerging leader who is challenged with:

  1. Commencing a leadership role in a new organisation.
  2. Understanding and supporting the change that was introduced before they commenced.
  3. Endeavouring to establish their team.

At the risk of over-simplifying, I encouraged this person to look at the three challenges as one product, the impact of change. At the heart of any change is ‘people’; whether it be this person in their new role (a change for them and the organisation), the existing change process (and their part, or lack of, in the process), or team development (a new team in a new environment).

Focusing on the people enables reorienting thinking to focus as much on the relationships as the results.

When it comes to change, implementing it, or being a part of it, remember:

  1. It takes 60-80 repetitions before a behavioural change turns into a habit.
  2. We can only process small amounts of information at a time.
  3. The more people involved, the more complex and impactful the change.

In 2017, the Harvard Business Review wrote a piece titled: Stop Using the Excuse “Organizational Change Is Hard”Importantly they state change does requires effort, but it is attitude that dictates whether we see the change initiative as ‘hard’ or a ‘failure’.

Fundamentally, this is about YOUR change, YOUR processes and YOUR outcomes.

If we see difficulties as ‘roadblocks’ and outcomes not in ‘absolute terms’ we can overcome these challenges and achieve positive results.

Torben Rick has developed a useful infographic “Overcoming Obstacles to Organizational Change

How do you measure success in the context of change initiatives, against

a) The Business Plan.

b) The benefits to staff, customers, and/or the organisation (Return on Investment)?

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